SEO and how to Succeed


SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is the practice of optimising your Website and Blog content so that you actually show up on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you may already be aware, if all you do is enter Keywords into the Meta Tag Generator of your website or blog, all you will attract are customers who have actually searched for those exact words and phrases when carrying out a search and you will only attract these customers if you appear on the first page of the search engine they are using.

The best and most reliable way of applying SEO is to write good content. Look at the niche you are selling and read and educate yourself on the market for that niche. Find out who you will need to attract to make sales.

I have found that the best way to do this at the moment is through Facebook Targeting. Publish a couple of FB adverts and leave the target age range as 18 – 65 to start with. Then, after you have a few hundred hits, likes and re-posts, you will have a basic idea of the actual age of your marketplace.

Facebook Ad Manager shows you the age range and sex of your audience. Attached are screenshots of my last Facebook Video Advert, which I placed to sell my charm bracelets.

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As you can see from my advert, which I published to sell my charm bracelets in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Gernany. I reached an audience of 18,834 and attained 3,700 video views during it’s lifetime on show. The paid for reach and views are obvioulsy lower, because you do not really need to keep paying for your advert once you have identified your audience.

I translated the english text of the advert using “Google Translate” so that viewers from Spain, France and Germany would be able to read it with ease. These are some of the things you have to remember when using SEO, you need to be aware of who will be seeing your adverts and make sure that they will engage with them. I also sell my charm bracelets by FBA on Amazon (FBA means facilitated by Amazon) so I use the Amazon “a” logo in my advert, this helps to make my ads look more professional, another advantage when optimising for searches.

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As shown in the Facebook Ad results above, my audience were All women = 100% and No men = 0% – So now we know the gender of our audience. You will also see that the age range of these females were mainly 18 – 24, but there were also quit a few in the 25 – 54 age range:

18 to 24 = 818

25 to 34 = 368

35 to 44 = 322

45 to 54 = 350

So now I know that my audience are ALL females aged mostly between 18 and 54. With this new information I can now go back onto Facebook and target future adverts I publish for jewellery and charm bracelets to females aged between 18 and 54.

But even if you do not wish to use Facebooks ads, there are still types of SEO you can employ to show up on the first page of Google, and these are for you to write good content.

I did some research into the history of my European Beaded Charm Bracelets and wrote a short blog which is pasted below:


Originally introduced by the Trollbeads company in the mid 1970s, this style of bracelet grew in popularity and today there are many brands available.

In the UK the most successful brands of European charm bracelet are Pandora and Love-links, while across the pond, Biagi, Zable, Reflections by SimStars, Chamilia, Soufeel, Novobeads, Oriana, and Trollbeads are popular in the USA

A key feature of the actual beads is that they are compatible with most major bead bracelet manufacturers. So A Novobeads charm can be worn on a Chamilia bracelet and vice versa. Pandora being the one exception, as their bracelets feature dividers, as a large number of their charms are designed to screw on. To wear a different brand on a Pandora bracelet, the hole needs to be big enough to fit over these dividers.

These Beaded Bracelets (Pandora, Chamilia, Novobeads and Biagi) are fully customizable as with some brands, such as Trollbeads, the clasps for the bracelets and necklaces are not included when purchased. There are many options for these as well. There are even options for anchor slides which help secure the bracelet.

This current fashion for modular jewellery builds on the success that “Add A Bead” jewellery had in the 1980s.

The Bracelets you will find at Charms-R-Us are Fully Loaded, Finished Bracelets, made especially for us by the Z J Heaton Jewellery Company and you will be hard pressed to find a similar Bracelet anywhere else at a better price than ours (LESS than £23 each) especially when you realise that a Fully Loaded Finished Bracelet from Pandora, Chamilia, Novobeads or Biagi will cost you over £100

Please Click The Link Below to VISIT Us For More Details

Once this blog was posted on Google+ it only took about 3 days for me to appear on the first page of the Google search engine when visitors entered “charm bracelets” as the search query and ALL of the adverts above mine were sponsored and had been paid for.

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So as you can see, as long as you write good engaging content, you will not have any problems getting to grips with SEO.

John B Atkinson


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